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Quality men’s wristwatches

men's watches

For any man to be successful when it is paramount that you have to become the master of your own time. Success is dependent on how well we utilize the time and resources at our disposal. There is no shortcut and you have to master time to dominate any task or challenge presented to you. What better way to master time than to get yourself a quality watch to help you keep track of every passing second. Odyssey north wristwatch is a place where you can get quality men’s wrist watches at affordable prices. Below is a featured wristwatch for men that you can consider getting yourself today.

Features of the NORTH Model: N-7735-MS

  • This is a simple and classic men’s wristwatch that comes in a range of four colors. You can either pick silver, black, gold, and bronze. These are neutral colors and they can blend in well with any outfit.
  • The watch has a dial width of 41 mm and you can easily tell the time. It has a case thickness of 10mm, a girth of 22 mm, and a band measurement lengthwise of 240mm. This makes it the ideal size for the standard-built man. The straps are breathable so you do not have to worry about sweat build-up underneath the straps.
  • The watch is built with quality material that makes it waterproof. It has a 3 bar water resistance and it cannot be damaged easily. However, it is advisable to stay away from steam or hot water.


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